Friday, August 27, 2010


I love all the tween shoots lately. They are so much fun because they are willing to try some cool stuff. Here is a football shoot from about 2 weeks ago. He was the nicest kid which is funny because he really looks like he would be feared on the field! He kept telling me there is NO smiling in football! I did get one smile shot when the football pads were put away!

more baseball

Here are some more favorites from the shoot.


I had the most awesome sports shoot. I have really enjoyed photographing tweens and doing some edgy "all about me" type shoots. Austin was super cool and a phenomenal baseball player. We had such a blast coming up with some images that reflected his personality. You can't have a cool big brother without a adoring little brother. His 2 year old brother followed us around wearing his "hat"(batting helmet) I managed to capture some pretty cute images of him following us. I think baseball might be in his future as well. He has the catcher's stance down perfect!